More Microsoft Stores opening nationwide. Not long before Boston’s Turn!

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Imagine a panoramic TV screen wrapped around all the walls surrounding you right now.  Can you image playing Xbox on that giant screen?  You wouldn’t have to image it if you were standing inside a Microsoft Store.  In fact, the newest location just opened yesterday in Overland Park, Kansas.  The grand opening was celebrated with a live DJ, Xbox giveaways and tons of Microsoft Swag.  If only Dorothy and Toto could be there… but they aren’t in Kansas anymore. 

The Store

Over here at the NERD Center we’re following all these store openings and anxiously awaiting our turn.  Last week the Danbury, Connecticut Store had a little pop rock band called Of A Revolution (aka O.A.R.) at the grand opening party. Ya, no big deal.  In August the Microsoft Store comes to The Shops at Prudential Center. The exact date has yet to be confirmed, but it’s in August, and with the speed time flies, that’s like tomorrow.

Trusted Words from YELP



So what can we expect in the Microsoft Store?  I took to YELP to find out.  The abundance of red stars and short novels following a Microsoft store search was overwhelming.  We all know that you only use YELP when you had a reallllly good or reallllly bad experience.  So the hundreds of positive reviews indicate to me that Microsoft Stores are nothing less than AWESOME!

Luckily for people that like awesome things, Microsoft stores are popping up everywhere! There are already 20 stores with 7 more coming soon.  And guess what?  Boston isn’t the only Northeast location on the list. Soon there will be one in Salem, New Hampshire at The Mall at Rockingham Park.  YAY! Live free or die! Maybe I’ll go up there for my inevitable shopping spree.  A girl can never have too many computers and Xboxs right? Oh wait, no I’m confusing that with Windows phones. I can only play 1 Xbox at a time- but texting, emailing & talking- that number is infinity!


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